Limar Safety Light for Limar Helmet

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Limar Safety Light for Helmet

Limar Safety light is designed for your Limar helmet.  Attaches to the rear adjustment knob of the helmet. The red LED light system is a compact and displays 4 lights to offer better visibility for traffic approaching from the rear. It easily mounts on the Limar Competition fit system - see image (e.g. Ultralight+*, 007, Speedking) and features three modes: Flashing, Steady and Off.  The Limar LED Safety light is generated by a CR2025 battery.

How to activate the Rear LED: (Flashing/Steady/Off mode)

  1. Press the red button (Limar Logo), the LED lights are on Flash mode
  2. Press the button again, the LED lights are on Steady mode.
  3. Press the button again, the LED lights turn off.

* Only Compatible with UltraLight + Astana, GFNY, BMW, Reflective Black, Matte Black Red, Matte Titanium/Lime