Support - Limar Helmet

Support - Limar Helmet


What factors are important when purchasing a helmet?
All helmets must comply with the US CPSC safety standards. Carefully check that the helmet has the correct US CPSC label. Make sure the helmet fits your head , and it's correctly adjusted so it is not too tight or not too loose. 

What is the warranty for Limar Helmets?
Limar guarantees the product for 2 years from the date of purchase from defects in materials or workmanship. The warranty excludes defects due to normal wear and tear, modifications, improper maintenance or use other than that for which the helmet has been certified.  Make sure that you register your helmet with Limar and keep a copy of your proof of purchase.

How long before a helmet needs to be replaced?
An old helmet does not protect you as well as a new one since weather conditions, sweat and vibrations affect the protective qualities of the material. As a rule, you should replace your helmet every 3 years or sooner if you wear the helmet frequently. If your helmet shows signs of excessive wear then it's time to replace it.

What is effectiveness of wearing a bicycle helmet?
The helmet is not your ‘life insurance policy’ but studies have pointed out that it has a variable protection effect. The most important aspect is that helmets reduce the risk of head injuries!

What is needed to make sure the helmet protects my head?
First of all it must be correctly adjusted and securely fastened! Wearing a properly fitted helmet can offer effective protection, but unfortunately not everybody fastens it correctly. Prior to putting on your helmet, check for any damage. If the helmet is visibly damaged - cracked outer shell, cracked foam liner or any other damage - don’t use it. If you are unsure of the helmet's condition, please contact us. 

How do you clean a helmet?
Use soap and water to clean the internal and external parts. Do not use solvents since they can corrode the inner core and damage the helmets components. Make sure that you store your helmet away from sunlight and extreme temperatures.

Does the helmet need to be replaced after an impact?
Yes. Any time during a fall the helmet has suffered a strong shock, even if it does not look damaged. Each impact damages the helmet material so your helmet does not offer the same level of protection. If you are unsure of your helmet's condition, please feel free to contact us for advice.

Are there replacement parts for Limar Helmets?
Yes. We carry pads, liners and visors for all current models available for purchase online or please contact us for assistance.