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Limar Air PRO Road Helmet 

Limar raises the bar of aerodynamic performance and safety for road cycling helmets through its advanced design and use of its CARBON CORETECH technology. Limar AIR PRO helmet is the result. (PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU USE OUR SIZE CHART TO DETERMINE CORRECT SIZE.)

Giovanni Caporali, Limar's Managing Director, explains the design and features of this incredible helmet in the video below.  For those who don't understand Italian, English subtitles are provided.


After creating the lightest helmet in the world, Limar continues to push the envelope of safety and performance to its limits. In collaboration with the Astana Pro Cycling Team, Limar explored the aerodynamic limitations.  Limar engineers tirelessly analyzed, studied, tested and developed the most aerodynamic helmet - AIR PRO. The key features of the AIR PRO are listed below:

SMOOTHING THE AIR: The pyramidal surface of the longitudinal ribs reduces the impact pressure since it cuts the air and allows smooth sliding.

IMPROVING AIR CIRCULATION: The transversal wings, thanks to the use of carbon, have a reduced thickness, and allow easy inflow and improved air circulation inside the shell, with great benefits to aerodynamics and ventilation.

PREVENTING VORTEX: The extended tail decreases the resistance to the air, allowing a gradual detachment and preventing turbulence.

CARBON CORETECH: Limar exploits the unique properties of carbon, coupling them with eps, to realize a maximum resistance core with minimum thickness. Two structural wings merge with the side ribs of the shell, creating a high performing cage in terms of safety, aerodynamics, and ventilation.

AIR FIT SYSTEM: Extremely compact, thin, and light. With horizontal, vertical adjustment and webbing bracket, allowing exceptional comfort and perfect fit.


(75% of adult male cyclists wear a size large)



  • Construction: Triple shell technology, in-mould carbon/eps double frame
  • AIR FIT SYSTEM: Light and compact with both vertical and horizontal adjustment
  • Ventilation: 20 air vents and 8 longitudinal channeling
  • Padding: Ergonomic anti-bacterial replaceable pads
  • Straps: Buckle Closure
  • Available Size:  Medium (53-56 cm / 19.7"-22") 230 grams; Large (57-61 cm / 22.4"-24") 270 grams
  • Certification: CPSC